Level Up Your Esports Arena Security with ProtectMe and ProtectMe Bot!

Unparalleled Protection for Your Discord Servers & Gaming Rigs
A Must-Have for Esports Venues!

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Join the league of elite Esports venues and Servers benefiting from ProtectMe's invincible defense

Total Venue Security

Our PC software solution fortifies every computer, creating an impenetrable barrier against cyber threats

Bulletproof Discord Defense

Protection doesn't just stop with devices– our ProtectMe shields your Discord servers from bullying, toxicity, and scams to elevate your Esports experience

Stay steps ahead with real-time threat alerts

ProtectMe’s vigilant monitoring system ensures that any potential risks are flagged immediately

Seamless Installation

Our install process is simple, allowing your staff to effortlessly manage security settings and monitor the status of every system in your venue

Tailored Security Policies

Whether it's a high-stakes tournament or a laid-back gaming night, ProtectMe adapts to your needs

What is ProtectMe for Windows Computers?

ProtectMe by Kidas is security software designed for PCs with a focus on ensuring gamer safety while gaming

Monitors Voice
and Text Chat

Runs silently in the background to monitor all voice and text communication

Detects Threats
and Sends Alerts

Scans conversations and alerts you of any threats detected

Safety Reports

Weekly reports summarize threats in each channel

Impacted User Information

Alerts provide time, date, and identity of the users involved to ensure full resolution

The Esports Advantage:

Confidence Boost for Players: Assure your Esports warriors that their strategies and personal info are impenetrable creating a secure space where victory is the only focus.

Reputation Armor: Safeguard your venue's reputation! ProtectMe is not just a security tool; it's a commitment to trust and excellence that sets your venue apart.

Demonstrate a commitment to player safety: Stay compliant effortlessly! ProtectMe is COPPA compliant and empowers your venue to meet industry standards.

Hate Speech



Privacy Violations

Detects All Online Threats

ProtectMe uses advanced algorithms to detect online threats. Receive notifications about privacy violations, cyberbullying, hate speech and more.

How It Works

Download ProtectMe on PCs or add ProtectMe to your Discord servers

Immediate threat alerts notify educators, venue owners or admins of dangers

ProtectMe weekly reports consolidate detected threats, offering recommendations and action plans for effective resolution

Alerts let you know what happened when, where, and to whom

Secure Your Venue Now!

Don't just play the game; dominate it securely with ProtectMe– Where Security Meets Victory!

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