The Most Advanced Discord Server Protection

ProtectMe utilizes unique voice and chat monitoring, fostering a lively, toxin-free atmosphere that keeps  members engaged and coming back for more.

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Level up your protection with Premium benefits

Moderation alerts: hate speech, member harassment, sexual content, scams and more
Up to 4 hours of voice channel moderation with transcription
Loud noise detection
Channel surfing detection
Select channels to moderate with allow and block lists
Moderate 1 channel
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Everything in Free plus:
Text channel moderation
No limit on transcription
Loud noise detection with customizable settings
Channel surfing detection with customizable settings
Summon the bot for immediate moderation
Moderate up to 10 channels at the same time
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Our Custom Package is designed to elevate your Discord server's safety and efficiency.

‍Child-Specific Alerts: Ensure the safety of young members with tailored alerts

24/7 Virtual Moderation Team: Our dedicated team reviews alerts around the clock, maintaining a secure environment

Personalized Alerts: Get notifications uniquely crafted for your server's needs.

Unlimited Channel Moderation: Effortlessly manage all channels, regardless of server size.
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Protect Your Server

Keep your server safe with the most advanced Discord security bot available.

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