The Most Advanced Discord Server Protection

ProtectMe utilizes unique voice and chat monitoring, fostering a lively, toxin-free atmosphere that keeps  members engaged and coming back for more.

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What is ProtectMe?

ProtectMe is the top-rated security solution for Discord servers.

Monitors Voice
and Text Chat

Runs in Discord channels to monitorall voice and text communication

Detects Threats

Scans conversations for all potential threats.

Sends Alerts

Sends alerts to admins when threats are detected.

Impacted User Information

Alerts provide time, date, and identity of the users involved to ensure full resolution.

Designed For Discord

As the only solution on the market with voice chat monitoring, ProtectMe is designed to combat rampant infiltration of servers by toxic players, predators, stalkers, scammers, and more.

Financial Scams



Privacy Violations

Detects All Online Threats

ProtectMe uses advanced algorithms to detect all online threats. Receive notifications about privacy violations, cyberbullying and financial scams as they happen in your server.

How ProtectMe Works

ProtectMe monitors all chats for toxicity and threats.

Alerts sent directly to your Admin channel when threats and toxicity are detected.

Alerts encompass time, date, user details, and audio chat ranges, aiding admins in safeguarding all involved users.

The Most Trusted Security Solution

ProtectMe is gaming’s safest privacy and protection software for your family’s is the best way to keep gamers safe.

Ryan Toohil, CTO Aura

As someone who’s a father of suicide counselor, cyberbullying ...I had no idea was this pervasive. Anything you can do along these lines needs to be done.

Jim Cramer, Host of CNBC’s “Mad Money”

Choose Your Plan

Moderation alerts: hate speech, member harassment, sexual content and scams
Up to 4 hours of voice channel moderation with transcription
Loud noise detection
Channel surfing detection
Select channels to moderate with allow and block lists
Moderate 1 channel
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Everything in Free plus:
Text channel moderation
No limit on transcription
Loud noise detection with customizable settings
Channel surfing detection with customizable settings
Summon the bot for immediate moderation
Moderate up to 3 channels at the same time
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Everything in Starter plus:
Moderate up to 5 channels at the same time
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Everything in Starter plus:
Moderate up to 10 channels at the same time
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Protect Your Server

Keep your server safe with the most advanced Discord security bot available.

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