Frequently Asked Questions

ProtectMe is the top-rated security solution for Discord servers. Get all of your questions answered here.

How does ProtectMe Work?

ProtectMe runs in your server to monitor voice and text channels for toxicity. ProtectMe uses advanced algorithms to detect all online threats and sends alerts to the admin in an admin only channel generated by ProtectMe. ProtectMe monitors for hate speech, flaming, self-harm, sexual content, privacy violations and scams.

How will it show up on my server?

Once ProtectMe is installed on your server, ProtectMe will show up as a member of your server and will be listed as a Bot. You will also see additional channels created by the bot where alerts and notifications will be sent. When ProtectMe joins a voice or text channel, it will be indicated in the chat.

Do I have to tell my community that the ProtectMe is installed?

Yes. It is important to let your community know that ProtectMe is installed and monitoring conversations.

What type of alerts will I get?

ProtectMe monitors for hate speech, flaming, self-harm, sexual content, privacy violations and scams.

Will ProtectMe send me immediate messages in the case of critical threats?

Yes. ProtectMe Bot will create an Admin Only Alerts channel. When critical threats are detected, admin will receive an immediate alert notification in this channel.

What type of threats are included in immediate alert messages?

You will receive immediate alerts about self harm, privacy violations such as planned meetings, exchange of information like photos, phone number, credit card etc., contact with a sexual predators and carrying firearm at school.

How many channels can ProtectMe monitor?

Each Bot monitors one voice channel. Depending on your package, you can monitor up to 10 voice channels with additional bots or more in our custom packages.

Can ProtectMe monitor private channels?

Yes, as long as the bot is installed and has been given admin permissions, it can monitor both public and private channels.

Does ProtectMe send any messages to my members?

No, ProtectMe does not send anything to your members. Reports will be sent to you in an admin only channel for you to review.

Does ProtectMe have any slash commands?

Yes, you can see a list of all of our commands under "commands" in the menu or on our server in the commands channel.

Why do I not receive messages or alerts from ProtectMe?

ProtectMe sends message alerts in a channel for admins only generated by the Bot.

Is ProtectMe open source?


What type of permissions do I need to give ProtectMe?

You will need to give the main bot Admin permissions as this is the only way to monitor private channels on your server. Additional ProtectMe Bots should have Voice permissions for monitoring additional voice channels.

How do I install ProtectMe on my server?

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